I am overwhelmed to address you through this platform for this academic session of
our school. You parents are very important to us as you give us the most
precious jewels of your life and expect us to make them the confident sensitive
intelligent persons ready to face all challenges of life, we strive here at
"Goya World School" for the same.

I strongly believe in all round development of students. We want our students to
develop in each walk of life. In academic the lesson plans and activities are
well structured as per the age and development of students. This has helped us
to create an interest and joy for learning in our students.

Parent teacher meeting at our school will not be as usual PTM'S but they are rather
with parents to seek improvement in the personality of each student
in future. I plan to extent and expand the horizon of Goya World School and
strive to make our students morally Strong, Sensitive, Confident and faithful
citizens of India.


                                                                                                    Mrs. Swati Gupta